Championship Regulations

The 2020 V6 Euro Pickup Series (hereafter referred to as V6 EPS) will consist of sixteen rounds taking place over seven race weekends on the following dates and circuits.

Provisional Calendar

22th MarchAssen2 Races
11th AprilZandvoort2 Races
12th May Assen2 Races
19-21 JuneSpa2 Races
19th JulyAssen2 Races
13th SeptemberAssen 2 Races
04th OctoberAssen 2 Races
17-18 OctoberHockenheim2 Races


The following prizes will be awarded to Drivers and Teams competing in the 2020 V6 EPS Championship, in order to claim a prize the vehicle must be entered in to each event in the 2020 calendar, Driver changes throughout the season are permitted for both the Team’s and Driver’s championship. – If there are less than 10 Teams in the Championship, the Prizes will be reduce to 50%.


Championship Winner One full weekend’s racing in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series.


Championship 1st place €5,000.00
Championship 2nd place €3,000.00
Championship 3rd place€2,000.00

Trophies will be awarded in every race for 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed Drivers, top Legend (Driver over 40) and top Rookie.

In order to claim any of the cash or racing prizes Drivers and Teams MUST either compete or pay to compete in all sixteen rounds of the 2020 V6 EPS, where a Driver has paid to compete and has to use a substitute for whatever reason that substitute will only be eligible for their own championship points. For the avoidance of doubt this means that a Driver cannot use a substitute Driver to score points in the championship on their behalf.

The Race day Formats

The race weekend programme will usually consist of two races run over a one or two day format.
At the premier Race in July at Raceway Venray where we will race alongside the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, Drivers will compete in four Races over a two day Race format, testing before the event is open however all associated costs will be at the Drivers / Teams expense.

One Day Events, Zandvoort and Assen

One 20 Minute free practice sessions followed by one 20 Minute Qualifying session.
Two 60 Minute Races with a mandatory Stop of 1 Minute between 25 to 35 Minutes.
The fastest lap in race one determining the starting position for race two, followed by the end of day prize giving.

Two Day Event – Spa Francochamps

Day 1:
Two 30 Minute free practice sessions followed by one 30 Minute Qualifying session.
One 60 Minute Race with a mandatory Stop of 1 Minute between 25 to 35 Minutes.
The fastest lap in race one determining the starting position for race two, end of day prize giving
Day 2:
One 60 Minute Race with a mandatory Stop of 1 Minute between 25 to 35 Minutes followed by the end of day prize giving.

Two Day Event – Venray

Day 1:
Two 15 Minutes free practice sessions followed by one 15 Minute Qualifying session.
Two Races run over a 60 lap duration each in order to save Drivers from severe fatigue with the fastest lap in Race one determining the starting position for Race two, followed by the end of day prize giving.
Day 2:
One 15 Minute Qualifying session.
Two Races run over a 60 lap duration each in order to save Drivers from severe fatigue with the fastest lap in Race one determining the starting position for Race two, followed by the end of day prize giving.

Two Day Event – Hockenheim

Day 1:
Two 20 Minutes free practice sessions followed by one 20 Minute Qualifying session.
One 30 Minute Race with the fastest lap in Race one determining the starting position for Race two, end of day prize giving
Day 2:
10 Minutes Warm Up.
One 30 Minute Race (usually in the morning), followed by the end of day prize giving.

Practice sessions are not compulsory, competitors may choose not to run in either or both practice sessions, where a competitor does not compete a qualifying lap or register a time in qualifying he/she will automatically start race one from the rear of the grid.
If a competitor does not set a time during race one then he/she will start from the back of the grid for race two.

Championship points

Championship points will be awarded at each round of the series on the following basis.

1st 26 points
2nd 24 points,
3rd22 points,
4th 20 points,
5th 18 points,
6th 16 points,
7th 15 points,
8th 14 points,
9th 13 points,
10th, 12 points,
11th11 points,
12th 10 points,
13th 9 points,
14th 8 points,
15th 7 points,
16th 6 points,
17th 5 points,
18th 4 points,
19th 3 points,
20th 2 points.

There will be two championship points awarded for the Driver setting pole position (1st place) in each of the eight Qualifying sessions throughout the season and a further two points awarded to the Driver setting the fastest lap in each of the sixteen races.
The final two races of the season at Hockenheim on the 17th / 18th October will carry double points making a Race win worth 52 points and so on down. Each Driver will drop their two worst scores towards their championship points, non-finishes will count as a worst point score.
No points will be awarded where a Driver does not complete more than 75% of the total race distance regardless of their final classification in that race. Championship positions will be updated on the V6 EPS website after each and every race and the top three positions in each category announced at the prize giving at the end of each days racing.

Trophies and prize giving

Trophies will be awarded to the top three at the end of each days racing as well as the top Legend (driver over 40) and top Rookie, trophy awards will be calculated as an aggregate from the two races on each day, where there is a tie for positions the trophy will be awarded to the Driver finishing in the highest position first. There will be a further award for hard charger / driver of the day which will be decided by the championship organisers.

Driving Standards & Penalties

The championship coordinators will monitor driving standards closely together with the clerk of the course and reserve the right to refuse a driver permission to start a race or continue in the championship should their conduct on track be deemed dangerous to themselves, other Drivers or Spectators, reckless, overly aggressive or out of control in any way.

The V6 EPS wants to promote good exciting Racing for everyone, Drivers must be aware that there will be different levels of experience out on track with different levels of performance and abilities, faster Drivers will be expected to show a level of courtesy and patience to Drivers with less experience and outright pace while those drivers with less experience who may be being lapped will be expected to obey blue flags at all times and show faster Drivers the same level of courtesy.

Penalties for the following transgressions will be awarded at the earliest possible convenience on each race weekend

  1. Yellow flag violations
    • Overtaking under yellow flag = 10 second penalty
    • Failing to slow for an incident (waved yellow) = 10 second penalty
    • Overtaking and failing to slow for an incident = 20 second penalty
    • Ignoring yellow flags continuously = Black flag (disqualification from the race)
  2. Blue flag violations
    • Ignoring waved blue flag = 5 second penalty
    • Ignoring waved blue flag for more than one lap = 10 second penalty
  3. Exceeding track limits
    • First two transgressions = driving standards warning, third transgression = 10 second penalty
    • Continuously driving below the white line (oval only) = 10 second penalty
  4. Dangerous or un-sportsman like driving
    • Deliberate nudging or bumping = 10 second penalty
    • Deliberately moving another driver up or down the race track = 10 second penalty
    • Deliberately causing an accident or deliberately driving into another vehicle = disqualification from the race and a deduction of 24 championship points
    • Un-sportsman like driving = 1st transgression = 10 second penalty, 2nd transgression = 20 second penalty, 3rd transgression = black flag (disqualification from the race)
    • Pit lane altercations, any Driver taking matters into their own hands in the pit lane and deemed as the aggressor in any form of physical violence will have their points deducted from that days racing and depending on the severity of the incident may be excluded from the V6 EPS championship.

Set up changes

Each of the V6 EPS vehicles will be allocated with a standard or base set up, set up changes to vehicles will be free and permitted however there will be a minimum ride height and a maximum permitted suspension adjustment for toe, castor, camber and rake.

Anti-roll bar adjustments, brake bias adjustments, rear wing adjustments and tyre pressure adjustments, will all be free and at the Drivers discretion however tyres will have a minimum starting pressure which will be checked before the vehicle races. Any transgressions on permitted set up changes will result in disqualification from any and all races in which the transgression took place.

The V6 EPS vehicles have a 4.0 litre fuel injected Ford V6 Engine mated to a sequential six speed gearbox, it is not permitted to try and gain a performance advantage by altering or tampering with the engine, its components or the drive train in any way, any transgressions will result in disqualification from the championship. The vehicles must run on unleaded pump fuel which will be regularly checked by our officials, any driver seeking to gain an advantage by adding any kind of additive to the fuel will be disqualified from any or all races in which the transgression took place, random fuel samples will be taken after each race.
In order to ensure fairness all vehicles will weighed with Driver and Fuel, Ballast will added to lighter Drivers to make up a maximum Driver weight of 100kg.


All Race Tyres must be purchased through the V6 EPS championship organisers, Drivers / Teams are at liberty use as many tyres as they see fit for both racing and practicing purposes during the course of the season, however the specified tyres are of a hard compound and should allow Teams and Drivers to race competitively using only one new Set Tyres per Event. The first Event in Zandvoort, all Teams can use a maximum of two new Set Tyres.

Racing Numbers

Once allocated your race number for the season Drivers will compete with the same race number and race vehicle for the entirety of the season, no changes to race numbers will be permitted

Racing License and Equipment

Competitors must be in possession of a valid racing licence in order to compete in the Series, the minimum requirement is a National A FIA racing licence. Where a competitor has never raced before they must attend a racing Driver’s school in order to be granted their licence, we are able to provide this service and a vehicle in which to undertake the one day course at Race Park Meppen, this will however be at the competitor’s expense, competitors must be a minimum of sixteen years of age.
We are also able to offer competitors race instruction and driver coaching at both circuits throughout the course of the year.

Drivers must provide their own equipment for racing such as a fire retardant suit, underwear, gloves, boots, helmet and HANS device (or similar). All racing equipment must comply with current FIA standards and will be scrutineered along with the racing vehicles at each event.

V6 EPS race suits are available manufactured by both OMP and Alpine Star, it is not compulsory for drivers to wear a V6 EPS suit, however all of championship sponsors and associates badges and logos must displayed on competitors race suits at all times (these will be provided by the series), any competitor not displaying the championship logos, championship sponsors or associates logos on their race suit will not be eligible for championship points.

Fees and Insurance

Vehicle Leasing

Only vehicles supplied by the V6 EPS championship will be eligible to race, vehicles will be leased to teams and drivers for the entirety of the season at the rate of € 7,000, vehicles must returned to the V6 EPS organisers no later than seven days after the final event at Hockenheim on 18th October 2020.
Where a Team or Driver intends to keep the vehicle for use in the 2021 championship there is no need to return the vehicle to the V6 EPS providing that a new contract for the lease agreement has been signed and approved before 25th October 2020.

All expenses regarding preparation, maintenance, running costs, accident damage, transportation, replacement parts etc. will be at the responsibility of the Team or Driver, the vehicles will be supplied in a race ready condition and must be returned to the V6 EPS in the same or comparable condition. By signing a contract to lease the vehicle for the season the Competitor / Driver or Team undertake to compete in all sixteen rounds of the championship entering each and every Event.


The lease cost of the vehicle can be either be made in three equal payments of € 2,500.00 or one payment € 7,000.00.

When paying by instalments the first of payment must be made before collection of the vehicle, the second to be made no later than ten days before the 12th May Race at Assen and the third to be made no later than ten days before the 11th / 12th July race at Venray, failure to adhere to the payment structure will invalidate the vehicle for the V6 EPS championship at which point the vehicle will be recalled, the vehicles remain the property of the V6 EPS at all times and maybe recalled at any time where a competitor, team or driver has not met their obligations under the terms of their contract.

A € 500.00 discount plus one new set of racing tyres will be given for full payment of the vehicle lease costs before the initial collection of the vehicle.

On signing of a contract to race for the full season in the V6 EPS a championship registration fee of € 600.00 euros is payable.

Race entries and the entry fee of € 750.00 per event must be submitted no later than fourteen days prior to each event, where a competitor enters an event late or after the closing date a 50% tariff (€ 375.00) will be added to the race entry fee, there will be no exceptions to this rule so it is up to the competitor or team to ensure that entries are submitted in time.

Where a competitor fails to meet his or her obligations under the terms and conditions of their contract with regards to payment of fees then that competitor may be excluded from the rounds for which fees have not been paid on time or excluded from the entire championship where more than one breach of those terms and conditions has taken place it will be at the discretion of the management of the series to allow the driver, entrant or team back into the championship and no administration or mitigating circumstances will be accepted or entered into.

There also will be the possibility to buy a car.
Purchase price: from 22,500 € / net.

V6 EPS Insurance Scheme

The V6 Euro Series will operate a unique and innovative insurance scheme whereby competitors will pay a € 7,000.00 bond upon collection of the vehicle which must be maintained until the final race of the season, should any accident damage occur the cost of the damage will be taken from the bond which must then be topped up before the next race, all bonds will be returned less the cost of any accident damage no later than ten days after the final race of the season.

The accident damage bond must be in place before drivers undertake testing, practice or racing in any of the V6 EPS vehicles.

Spare parts for the vehicles will be available at each race through our spares truck, the cost of any new parts taken or used during the course of race weekend will be deducted from the deposit which must then be reinstated before the vehicle can be used again for testing or racing.

Competitors will also be permitted to arrange their own insurance through any of the specialised motor sport insurers, the series can provide details of these insurers upon request, however all excess’s claims, non-payment of claims are the direct responsibility of the driver, team or competitor and no administration will be entered into, for the avoidance of doubt this means that if you insure the vehicle yourself it is your responsibility to ensure that the vehicle fully indemnified for any accident damage or total loss how so ever caused, this also includes the vehicle in transit.

Final Decisions

The final decisions on penalties, championship rewards, driver of the day awards and all other matters appertaining to the V6 EPS will be made by the organisers of the series, the scrutineers and race officials, no administration can or will be entered into, all decisions made in relation to the V6 EPS will be final and absolute. It is the intention of the series to provide competitive and fair racing for all of its participants, any transgressions of the rules and regulations may be met with severe penalties which may diversely effect a competitor’s ability to win one of the many outstanding prizes.