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V6 Euro Pickup


The Racing Series

The V6 Euro Pickup Series has been created for racing drivers by drivers with over fifty years combined experience in the sport. The concept was borne out of a desire to create an all new Racing Series that would offer exceptional value for money combined with competitive and close racing that would be open to everyone from complete novices to professional drivers and also offer very significant prizes rewarding drivers of all experience and age.

It was imperative to us that the series be relevant to drivers who want to progress up the motor racing ladder particularly if those drivers are seeking a career in the USA, racing in any of the series that combine oval and road course racing.

In creating the series it was also important that the racing be 100% fair and not cheque book racing where the biggest budget always wins, we also wanted to make sure that the vehicles we are going to race are relevant, exciting to drive and offer drivers exceptional marketing opportunities.

With all that in mind the concept was conceived for the V6 Euro Pickup Series based at the half mile oval Raceway Venray in the Netherlands and Race Park Meppen in Germany. The V6 Euro Pickup Series will offer drivers all of this and more, the series and the Racing Pickups will be centrally run by Total Motorsport making the process of going motor racing incredibly easy with a turn up and race format, we do the rest, race entries, admin, the preparation and maintenance of the Pickups, all the repairs everything, leaving you to concentrate on the business of driving these exciting high powered machines.

Awards & Prize Fund

After years of racing in different formulas all over the world and having won championships in a number of those series the owners of the V6 Euro Pickup Series wanted to ensure that drivers were rewarded for their efforts and will therefore introduce a total prize fund for the whole series worth over €175,000.00

As the series is very closely linked to the Euro NASCAR Whelen Euro Series and German based racing team Racing-Total we are able to offer a unique prize fund which is unrivalled in any Racing Series at this level or price point.

The main prize for winning the championship will be a fully paid season of racing in 2020 with Team Racing-Total in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series a prize worth over €90,000.00 in its own right.

A full season of racing in the Whelan NASACR Euro Series awaits the winner of the V6 Euro Pickup Series

Second overall in the championship will receive prize of two full race weekends in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series racing with Team Racing-Total which will consist of four races.

Third place overall in the championship will receive a prize of one full race weekend in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series racing with Team Racing-Total which will constitute two races. The top rookie in the series will receive the prize of a full days testing with Team Racing-Total at one of the six circuits where the Euro NASCAR series currently races.

If a rookie should win any of the top three prizes above the top rookie prize will go to the second place finisher in the rookie standings.

The first place Legend driver in the Series (driver over 40 years of age) will win a trip to Cape Town, South Africa to race in the exciting V8 Masters Series, should a Legend win any of the first three prizes the prize will go to the second place finisher in the Legend category.

The top legend driver has a 450hp V8 monster waiting for him or her in Cape Town, South Africa

Trophies will be awarded each weekend for 1st 2nd & 3rd positions overall as well as for the top three rookies and top three legends, there be presentations on both Saturday’s and Sunday’s during two day events with trophies being awarded by celebrity drivers and racing personalities.

The Racing Series Format

The series will consist of twenty seven races run over six weekends, four of those weekends being on the ½ mile oval at the Raceway Venray, Netherlands and two on the road course at Racepark Meppen, Germany giving a true International feel to the series.

With the exceptional prize fund and outstanding value for money of the series it is envisaged that we will run with a full grid of twenty Pickups in each race, with two vehicles as spares, meaning that spaces in the series will be limited.

The race weekend programme will consist of either three or six races run over a one or two day format, competitors will compete in six races during at each of the Race Park Meppen race weekends and three races on the single day format at Raceway Venray.

At our premier race in July where we will race alongside the NASCAR Whelan Euro Series, drivers will compete in six races over a two day race format. The format for the two day weekends at Meppen will be -

Day One - two twenty minute practice sessions on Saturday morning followed by one fifteen qualifying session in order to finalise the starting grid for the first race in the afternoon.

All of the races will all be run over a thirty minute duration with the finishing position in each determining the starting positions for the next race.

Day Two – Three thirty minute races with the grid position of race four being determined by the finishing order of race three the previous day.

The format for the single day weekends run at Venray will be the same as the one day races above however races on the Venray oval will run over a twenty five minute duration in order to save drivers from severe fatigue.

All races will count towards championship points, the number of points based around the number of entries for the event, i.e. 26 points for a win, 24 points for 2nd place and 22 points for 3rd and so on down, two extra points will be awarded for pole position and fastest lap, drivers will however drop their two worst point scores.

Full details on championship scoring will be published in our racing regulations.


Drivers will be issued with one new set of tyres at the start of the season and then two new tyres for each race day, how drivers use those tyres over the course of the season will be at their discretion, however it is envisaged that drivers will save tyres so that they will compete with four new tyres in weekends one, three and five.

The Cost

The V6 Euro Pickup Series offers outstanding value for money and enormous bang for your buck at just €55,000 + VAT for the full season.

On signing of a contract for the season a 15% deposit (€8,250.00) is payable to secure your seat and race number, the balance of €46,750.00 is the due by six equal instalments of €7,791.00 to be paid a minimum of ten days before each round of the championship.
A discount of €4,000.00 for the season will be given to drivers who pay the reaming balance €42,750.00 no later than ten days before the first race of the season.


One of the biggest and most frustrating costs in motor racing is accident damage whether your fault or not you are left holding the bill.
The V6 Euro Series will operate a unique an innovative insurance scheme whereby drivers will pay a €7,500.00 bond before the first race of the season which must be maintained until the final race of the season, should any accident damage occur the cost of the damage will be taken from the bond which must then be topped up before the next race, all bonds will be returned less the cost of any accident damage no later than ten days after the final race of the season.

Drivers will also be permitted to arrange their own insurance through any of the specialised motor sport insurers.

The Series Overview

The V6 Euro Pickup Series represents outstanding value for money at just €55,000 for twenty seven races. No other racing series in Europe comes close to matching the outstanding prize fund on offer and the unique opportunity for drivers to hone their skills on both ovals and road courses.

With drivers participating from all over Europe and the World the series will have a truly international feel, with so many prizes up for grabs including the introduction of a team’s championship everyone will have something to race for and from seasoned professionals to complete rookies everyone will have someone to race and measure themselves against.

The V6 Euro Pickup Series really is the road to NASCAR and professional racing, however the turn up and drive format makes it accessible for everyone from career drivers to amateur racers and everyone in between. The tightly packaged race weekends with three races per day will test drivers to their limits and the unique points scoring system will ensure that consistency is rewarded just as much as outright speed, the winners in each category can look forward to taking the next step in their professional racing careers.

We look forward to welcoming you to the series and racing with you in 2019.

Team’s championship

In addition to the driver’s championship we are also running a championship for teams and their members and helpers.

Points will be awarded on the same basis as the driver’s championship, entry into the team’s championship will be automatic with teams able to have a maximum of two entries for the season, team’s will be assigned by racing numbers and can have as many driver changes as they wish.

The first prize for winning the Teams championship will be an all-expenses paid trip for four people to a NASCAR race in Atlanta, Georgia, USA 2020 as guests of our partners in both the NASCAR Xfinity and Camping World Truck series.

The second and third placed teams in the championship will win an all-expenses paid trip to the final NASCAR Whelen race of 2019 at Zolder in Belgium which will include hotels and full hospitality at the event with our own NASCAR Whelen team.